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Let's All Go to the Lobby!

"Surrogates" is part of a new wave of comic book films based on properties no one has ever heard of (similar to Whiteout, 30 Days of Night, Constantine, etc.).

While not horrible, the film deviates enough from the source material to leave even the casual fan wanting more (believe me, I asked). Bruce Willis stars as a cop in a world where crime barely exists and people live life virtually through a surrogate android. Someone starts killing users through the surrogates and the real Bruce Willis steps out into the real world to bust out his yippy-kai-yay action hero skills. The film hits all the necessary plot points of a thriller, but there may be one too many twists for the film to stay coherent. Rent it.

Patton Oswalt has made a name for himself by eating KFC. Now he'll reach a wider audience as a weirdo football loyalist in Robert Siegel's "Big Fan." Siegel continues the exploration of American sports that he began in "The Wrestler." Oswalt portrays a fanatical New York Giants loyalist. Even after a disastrous encounter with his favorite player, Oswalt remains fiercely allied with his team. I was actually quite surprised by the film, and pleased overall. The film took turns I wasn't expecting and went in directions lesser films/filmmakers would have allowed to devolve into redundancy. See it.

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Wednesday Filler

A promo bumper for the Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.
Thanks, Adam & Shaun!

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Cool Covers

Angel is probably one of the more overshadowed figures in X-Men folklore. As part of the original class of X-Men, he was the rich, white guy with angelic wings. Not as impressive as Iceman's snowman like appearance and sense of humor, Beast's acrobatics and intelligence, Cyclops's optic blasts and leadership, or Marvel Girl's telekinetic/telepathic prowess (and hotness). Angel has been through alot, however, and he's seen his share of heartache. He's been transformed into one of Apocalypse's Horsemen and then changed back again, and this cover shows off part of that painful transformation.

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Hitler likes to get down...

What, no W. poster?

Cool Covers

My grandma ordered a subscription to "The Amazing Spider-Man" for me when I was 11 years old and this was the first issue I received. Imagine my maximum delight!

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