Monday, May 21, 2012

If I like it, you should read it...

I found Tonoharu Part 2 on the 1/2 Off Shelf at Star Clipper. How fortunate!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pull & Hold

Also out this week is Crogan's Loyalty from Oni Press, the third in a series by Chris Schweizer. It features a father relating family history to his sons as a way to teach a lesson. It has great art, fun stories, and it's really fun to see it continue as an ongoing series.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Saturday, May 5, was the 11th annual Free Comic Book Day. I visited Star Clipper and picked up the books you see to the right. Star Clipper really makes an entertaining event out of the day. They not only offer 10 free books (most shops allow no morethan three free books), but fill the day with bands, comic artists doing sketches, and also had Marvel
writerJason Aaron on hand.

After stopping at Star Clipper, I traveled to the St. Charles Fantasy Shop to dive into their back issue quarter sale. I found a nice batch of books of various styles and publishers:

A nice selection of DC titles (not shown: several New 52 titles)

A great run on the latest Spirit series (before it was lost to the New 52)

The selection of Marvel comics I purchased, including a few issues of Daredevil written by Kevin Smith

A solid selection of Fantastic Four comics found - filling many gaps in the process

An interesting mix of comics from second and third-tier publishers

Finally, a few issues of off-brand comics. The quarter sale is always a great
place to find weird and alternative comics. At 25¢, you can't go wrong!

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