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For the third year in a row, I attended the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2). Before I stepped foot in the con on Friday, however, I stopped by Quimby's Bookstore. I could have spent several hours perusing and several hundred dollars purchasing the zines and mini comics available. Here's what I picked up at Quimby's:

I found a couple issues of Palookaville I was missing, Pope Hats, a comic I had been seeking for quite some time, and the mini-comic "Eat to Survive," which reminds me of Johnny Ryan's work (a plus).

When I finally arrived at the con, I found the increased floor space to be very pleasing. It wasn't as crowded and the extra area allowed for more room in Artist Alley. Check out the pictures for a selection of what I acquired over the two days at the convention. I'm especially excited for "American Barbarian" by Tom Scioli. He was kind enough to do a sketch inside, which you can see here. I also picked up the second volume of "Very Near Mint" by Justin Peterson. I purchased volume one last year at C2E2 and enjoyed the book so it was neat to repeat the process this year.

Yes, that is a bust of the Grey Gargoyle. 

Trailer Tuesday - Comic Book Edition

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Emerald City Comic Con

I had the opportunity to attend the Emerald City Comic Con two weekends ago. Here are the books I picked up there. Scott C. was in Artist Alley - I acquired the zombie/wolfman watercolor from him. Archaia Entertainment featured a two-for-one special (I purchased Tumor and Elegy for Amelia Johnson). Oni Press was on site and I purchased Crogan's March. I'm especially excited about picking up "Any Empire" which includes a sketch by creator Nate Powell. You can check out the sketch here. Also featured: the ECCC program guide, X-Force #98 (filling a nice hole in that run), Spaceman #1 (free from DC's booth), and DB Cooper #1 (from Oni's booth).

I also visited the Fantagraphics bookstore while in Seattle. I didn't indulge as heavily as you might expect; I was flying, after all. Still, it was neat to see the shop and so many of the books I've read or want to read. The store features a back room full of damaged books which are sold at 50% off cover price. Here's what I got at FB:

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Pull & Hold

Since I was out of town, I didn't have an opportunity to update my pull for 3/28. Here's last week's Pull & Hold, with books for 4/4 at the bottom of the page.


Additionally, here are a few extra titles I picked up from last week (not usually on my P&H, but seemed interesting and worth a read).


I'll post a review of the Emerald City Comic Con in the next few days.