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Wednesday Filler

Todd Fedoruk has taken a beating throughout his pro hockey career.

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What Shapes A Young Brian Spath?

Watch the film here:
(it's broken into five parts)

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Off the Shelf

Sometimes, comics are really dumb...
...and hurtful.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Long, Farewell

Friends, St. Louisans, Peeping Toms:

I've reached the conclusion of another fantastic film festival and have found that I miss my blog. I will return to you in full force very soon, but still find my energies lacking. I wish to give you what you want, as I shall give unto Caeser that which is Caesar's. For now, enjoy the trailer for SLIFF as prepared by CoolFire Media:

Here's me doing work:

(see more here)

What Shapes A Young Brian Spath?