Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Working, withering away

So I'm at work and not working. I've found it hard to maintain focus. My job is awesome, don't get me wrong, I just find it hard to stay away from the internet. In the two days that I've been back I have gotten a few things done, and that's good. Today will be some photoshop action as we prepare for the Oscar party. Hobnobbing, cocktails, and fancy attire: all things I usually avoid. Watching the Oscars could be fun, though, I hope.

In other news, Dave and I met with Dan last night and we discussed a few short film ideas. The meeting was a little painful at first, not much movement. I am partially to blame for that. I think I am dealing with fears of not really getting anything done juxtaposed against actually working on stuff on a consistent basis. What I mean by that is it would be weird to really be committed to developing production stuff. But that's my dream! Once things started rolling, the ideas were flowing, and covered four or five projects. Except for the knife-throwing movie, everything is still in the inital stages, but it was fun to brainstorm.

Kara and I have watched a few movies since last time I talked about movies. "El Topo," "Call of the Wild," and the ever painful "Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas." Not even the biggest Patrick Fugit fan could sensibly enjoy that film. I need to find out about catching "Be kind, Rewind" tomorrow. It's a daytime screening, so getting out of work for it may be tough, especially since I will be missing most of Friday to work at KDHX. If it happens, you can read about it here!

While this isn't my first choice for visually expressing my boredom, it plays into my love of comics and older comic book style art. I would advise against searching the terms "painful," "torture," and variations thereof, especially under google images. That's bad news bears, my friend, so be careful!

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