Monday, December 8, 2008

Cool Covers

I forget how old I was when I bought this issue (Action Comics #662), but I don't think I was any older than 13 years of age.  If memory serves, I picked it up at Comic Headquarters, though I can't say for certain.  I know it was during a weekend with my dad while he lived in South County (Covington Place).  Those were the days when I could only pick one or two issues to take home (as opposed to today when I really don't know my limits).  When I pulled this comic out of the back issue bin, I was instantly taken with it.  The art really hit me and the message goes a long way and ties in so much history and it's all done by one simple reflection.  I still miss style of those mid-90s covers with the character in the upper left and the small triangle keeping you informed which issue goes where, which helps with multiple titles Superman and Batman (though it was recently brought back with the New Krypton storyline).

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Jeff said...

It took Clark 662 issues to let Lois know she wasn't really banging two guys?