Saturday, February 20, 2010

Burning Down the House

On Thursday, January 7, I had the hottest experience of my life.

The house on fire is next door to my own home.

The fire started as the result of some sort of cooking accident. Given the location of the kitchen in proximity to my shower, the firefighters figured they'd be best served by coming through my house to fight the fire. The damage to the window pictured at the left was a result of the fire department combating the blaze from my bathroom. They busted out the window, drug their hoses through the house, and shot water across the three foot walkway in an attempt to control the flames.

The picture to the right shows how close the two houses are situated. Were it not for the quick arrival of the fire department and use of my bathroom as a base of operations, who knows what could have happened to my house? It could look like some of the pictures below...

The intensity of the blaze distorted this conditioner bottle:

Luckily, Moose and I were okay. Kara and her dad quickly arrived and we boarded up the window. Since the fire resulted from cooking negligence, we're covered under our neighbors insurance. We'll begin making repairs and updates in the coming weeks. It's the strangest way to decide to make renovations to your home.

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mike said...

whoa...pretty intense stuff