Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

Green Zone

The ultimate Bourne team reunites for a snoozer of a war thriller: Matt Damon hunts for WMD while Iraq festers after US occupation. Greg Kinnear plays a conniving Pentagon Special Intelligence lackey who is obsessed with finding WMD or at least saying WMD have been found. This conflict is played out over two hours.

Paul Greengrass has showcased excellent directing ability in the Bourne films, but there isn't much of that on display here. The film is slow and the only thrill presented is whether or not Damon can expose the cover up - and if you've followed the Middle East saga you'd know the answer. The film attempts to create heroes in a situation where there can be none. The operations in Iraq continue to this day, indicating there is no happy ending just degrees of failure.

The film plays like the Bourne franchise-lite and will probably draw unfair comparisons to "The Hurt Locker." The plot is uneventful, and generally depressing when thought of in context of the present day Middle East situation. It's not worth the price of admission or the wasted Tuesday evening spent seeing it early. Skip it.

She's Out of My League

For fans of "Undeclared" it's great to see Jay Baruchel getting work, especially lead roles. "She's Out of My League" doesn't serve Baruchel well and is one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

The premise of the film asks whether or not a lady who is seemingly hot can have a lasting relationship with a geek. This movie breaks all the rules! The comedy in this film is forced or completely lacking. The cameraman from "Cloverfield" steals a lot of screen time because he plays like a fat Napolean Dynamite. The female lead is eye candy, but not much else - irritating if anything. The film had real potential but became an exaggerated attempt at proselytizing the audience to the detriments of superficiality. *SPOILER* Even the big break up scene feels forced as a means of showing that people and relationships are more than just hot bodies and cool jobs.

This waste of screen time made me hate movies, people, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Skip it.

Gotta cleanse my cinematic soul:!v=FNQowwwwYa0

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