Thursday, April 15, 2010

Aspen Recap Report

Sorry for the delay on the recap report. It's been a hectic week back in St. Louis capped off with a trip to Chicago tomorrow for C2E2.

As covered in the previous Aspen Reports, the festival was enjoyable overall, though I wasn't particularly blown away by any particular program. Something that may have exacerbated the feeling is that the festival seemed too all-encompassing. The shorts selected covered the whole word, featuring stories and characters that were unique, yet presented themes and tones strikingly similar to our own culture. Regardless, I felt that out of 2500+ submissions, there may have been stronger, better pieces overlooked so as to make the fest seem far reaching and culturally embracing.

With that said, here are my favorite shorts of the fest:
Angry Man
The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers
Franswa Sharl
Glen Owen Dodds
God of Love
The Hardest Part (trailer)
Mother of Many (excerpt)
Only One Boss
Plank (trailer)
Q&A (excerpt)
The Queen
Roof Rattling
The Six Dollar Fifty Man (excerpt)
Yellow Belly End (excerpt)

Once I returned to work on Monday I discovered that several of the shorts, including "Rita" and "God of Love," had already been to SLIFF - much to my excitement.

You can check out the full slate of films from Aspen Shortsfest here. Also be sure to check out the list of award winners, many worthy winners and hopefully several of which that will be screening at SLIFF in November.

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