Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's All Go to the Lobby!


Christopher Nolan's latest film takes the viewer on a mesmerizing ride that questions reality, memory, perception and makes you wonder if your thoughts are your own.

A great ensemble cast takes up the task of trying to plant an idea in someone's mind while that person dreams. The film is tense and thought provoking, all while being an action heavy summer blockbuster. I won't go into much further detail, as most folks have already decided whether or not they will see it based on Nolan's previous work.

What I find to be interesting is the concept of the film. Infiltrating dreams seems like a standard science fiction premise. This, coupled with the magic and fantasy infused in "The Prestige," show a supernatural tendency that Nolan seems reluctant to introduce into the Batman universe he has carefully crafted five-plus years. It is intriguing that the projects that Nolan develops between bat-films feature plots that bend reality while Nolan strives to keep the Batman as realistic as possible.

"Inception" is an intense film that moves at a brisk pace from beginning to end. There are several well planned action sequences and it's the type of action film that doesn't come around very often - one that makes you think. See it.


Jean-Pierre Jeunet
brings whimsy and ephemera that lifts what could have been a bland revenge tale in "Micmacs." Bazil, a video store clerk, barely survives an errant bullet during a drive by shooting. He discovers the weapons manufacturer is the competitor of the company that produced the bomb that killed his father. Bazil then sets out to bring both companies down.

Bazil soon falls in with a street performer who introduces him to an underground group of circus-esque vagrants who pledge their support and particular skill set to help Bazil exact his revenge. Jeunet has proven his knack for utilizing quirky characters, extravagant sets, and peculiar stories in an entertaining and dazzling fashion. See it.

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