Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Cosmic Return!

"This Is It! Spidey Goes Cosmic"

2012 is the year everything ends, so why not begin this blog again?

After ignoring this blog for the most part of 2011 (showing remarkable consistency posting at least 205 entries 2008 through 2010), I've decided to make attempts at regular updates.

Features will include posts on comics and movies, as usual, but with slight variations:
  • Cool Covers brings you my favorite comic book covers from my own personal collection every Monday
  • Off the Shelf returns periodically, when I've read a sizable amount of graphic novels
  • Let's All Go to the Lobby will once again showcase my inability to write about movies in a critical fashion
  • Pull & Hold will showcase the new release comics I plan to pick up each week. I'll also feature potential purchases in trade paperbacks, graphic novels, or other appealing collectibles. I hope to include brief (one sentence) reviews of comics from the prior week
  • Capsule Movie Reviews (title pending) will chronicle my attempt to watch at least four movies a week, then succinctly reviewing those films in a 'good, bad, and ugly' format
  • Comic Series Reviews is an attempt to read a complete comic series, usually 50 issues or so in duration, and present a similar 'good, bad, and ugly' review
  • Short Film Friday shares a short film or two each week. Pieces will be narrative fiction, music videos, promotional spots, or abstract creations (this feature essentially replaces Wednesday Filler)
  • Trailer Tuesday is a spotlight on trailers for upcoming releases of films in theaters or DVD, as well as comic books or graphic novels given the trailer treatment.

Occasionally, I hope to post entries in the "What Shapes A Young Brian Spath?" series. This weekend, I plan to finish entries for 2011 best of movies and comics. Stay tuned!