Sunday, August 10, 2008

Everybody dance now...

It's the early afternoon on Sunday and the weekend has already been pretty hectic. Friday I had lunch with Thomas Crone at Mangia Italia and he let me borrow David Lynch's Zen inspired book - sort of like a phrase of the day motivational, creativity spurning Daily Affirmation. Karu and I went to the Rx Bandits show at 2¢ Plain. It's been a while since I've seen the Bandits live and I was very excited for this show - if only the show had lived up to the hype. The crowd was filled with Bros, Dudes, and Hoochies - how disappointing. The room was thick with smoke and high-fives, Kara was disappointed and angry, & I found myself more infatuated with the Cards-Cubs replay than the actual show. 2¢ Plain gets two thumbs down. The reason the bands you want to see no longer come (or never came) to St. Louis is because is there is no decent place for them to play. Deal with it - St. Louis is the arm pit of the already downtrodden Midwest.

On Saturday, Dan, Rich, and I went to see "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." I didn't mind the movie, it wasn't the greatest or worst Star Wars film, but that's not saying much. Afterwards the three of us ventured over to Johnny Mac's and picked up our new roller hockey jerseys - they are sweet. I'll hopefully have a few photos to post here soon. Today will be our first game fully decked out in our sweet, new attire.

Here's a little video I came across on YouTube - I don't buy it: the girl looks like a model or fledgling actress and the announcer even states that it's the day before April 1st. Add it up!
*My sister has pointed out that the announcer stated that it was the day before Valentine's, not April Fool's. This is, of course, because it was April Fool's Day and he was playing a trick on us all.


media boy said...

wow, rough break on that marriage proposal

Danielle said...

You nerd. The announcer doesn't say its the day before April 1st; he says that it is the day before Valentine's Day. Watch it again; listen closely.
Either way, I agree--it did look fake.