Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Optimal Geekdom!

Last night, Jeff, Shaun, and I participated in the first ever Star Clipper trivia night. The competition was fierce: eight teams of three dorks each (though one chap was brave enough to face the challenge alone). The categories were varied: four rounds of 15 questions (DC, Marvel, Indie, and Manga {well, as varied as a comic book trivia night could be}). The outcome was unexpected: 3rd place out of the eight teams. And to top it all off, our team name came in 2nd place: The Green Lantards (we lost out to Saggin' Ball Z). Though we went home empty handed, we had a fun time and were pleasantly surprised at our 3rd place finish. Star Clipper plans to hold another trivia night soon and you can bet we'll be there!

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gerald said...

That sounds AWESOME! What were some of the questions that stumped you? What kind of questions were you proud to have known (as only a comic geek could be proud, that is)? Fellow geeks want to know! Love the team name.