Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spot on...

Wow, what is happening here?  This image comes from Amazing Spider-Man 589.  While it is a really neat shot of Spidey fighting the Spot, it definitely isn't the neatest thing in the issue.

Uh-oh, Peter's running late (again).  See the look of shock on his face?  And the look of...something...on Aunt May's face?  That's the weirdest expression I've seen a character have in a while.  But that's still not the neatest thing in this issue.  Look to the right.  Who is that?

It's none other than Egon Spengler of Ghostbusters fame.  Those sly devils over at Marvel, what a riot!  Obviously, the version of Egon depicted here is from the animated series, but it's still really cool.

With a new GB game and Blu-Ray DVD due this summer and persistent rumors swirling of a third feature film, it's neat to see how much spark the Ghostbusters franchise still has 25 years later.

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