Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad Habits

Today, I pulled another classic Spath move when I thought I accidentally threw away a DigiBeta tape a filmmaker had mailed into the fest. This is significant because after we make selections for the festival, filmmakers will send in a screening-quality replacement for their festival review turd. That usually equates to a higher expense than your standard writable DVD. I scurried about the office trying to find the misplaced tape, but alas to no avail. I tore through drawers and stacks on my desk. I rooted through the piles under my desk and cabinets on it. Nothing. I decided drastic action had to be taken and I found myself wallowing in the dumpster tearing through the trash bags I had disposed of earlier today. I came up empty handed. What was I to do? Tapes like that are not cheap for the independent filmmaker and how do I explain I threw the tape away? I came back inside with dwindling hope and looked through the stacks of tapes I had already received daring the tape to exist against all odds. Amazingly, the tape was sitting right on my desk, underneath another albeit in the wrong program stack. I had looked at this tape multiple times before in my search. This raises many, many questions:

How did I not realize that it was sitting right here?

Why did I have to get in a dumpster to find it?Why do I not know how to read?Why is this guy my new roommate?
So many questions and only one place to look...

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