Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Face the Facts

Okay, people, it's time for me to come clean. I'm lazy. If you look at my blog over the course of the last month or so, it's all videos and links and pictures and ha-ha funny time. Nobody wants that. What about my insightful, hardboiled reviews of movies or poignant, colorful thoughts on comic books? A waste of time. I bore you, I bore myself. Okay, it's brass tax time. I've been super busy. I wrapped up shorts selections for the festival last week and now it's time to corral all of the invited shorts. I've fallen way behind on several other projects: the Beast video, the Rocky Horror video, and Rhonda's antique video. I do want to post a quick review of a nice weekend.

Friday, Karibe and I went to "Birth of the Cool" at the Kemper Art Museum on Wash U's campus. This was a lot of fun - lots of neat art, photography, music - just not enough time to see it all. Especially when you spend too much time in the money museum downstairs! We hope to get back before the installation closes (Jan. 5) and spend a little more time in the music section. You should, too. We had planned on watching "The Man With The Golden Arm" when we got back home, but MetroLink was against that plan, what with its half hour wait between departing trains at Shrewsbury. However, if you are a county resident, you should still vote for Metro expansion in November. We arrived home too late to spin the film - Kara's VBall tourney started early the next morn. We settled on a couple of "The Office" episodes and ice cream instead.

Kara left very early the next morning for her Kirkwood Freshman volleyball tournament and I left soon after for the most thrilling adventure my Saturday's have seen in a long time. I picked up Billion Mead around 8:30am and we ventured out to St. Charles to eat breakfast at my younger sister's charitable soccer event. After breakfast, we headed to O'Fallon to meet up with a crew of local filmmakers who are hoping to produce a feature-length, ninja-based film in St. Louis. We went out to the pirate festival in Wentzville to stir up some shenanigans while dressed like ninjas. The footage will make up part of a promotional campaign used to generate interest, buzz, and donations. I returned home thoroughly worn out from all of the excitement.

On Sunday, Kara and I planned to eat some sweet, sweet crepes, but the restaurant such eats wasn't opened. We then settled on breakfast at The Riverside Cafe. Not an ideal setting (with the hoosiers, smoking, et al) but the food was actually decent. The second part of our Sunday plan (walking architecture tour of downtown St. Louis) was also nixed because the tourguide was out of town. We went grocery shopping instead and we wrapped up the day with a roller hockey game. I also bought some new hockey equipment at discount, blowout prices. Most of the equipment will serve as an emergency or friend-in-need backup.

In the meantime, I'll continue to have my hands full with shorts programming, various video projects, and other odds n' ends. Hopefully I can get back to watching other movies, specifically the large stack of DVDs I have waiting for me at home.

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Jeff said...

Pirate fest is insane. I went to the first one. Best moment was entering when one guy breaks from his pirate character to give a dude directions to the bathroom. I can't wait to see the video you guys showt.