Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy Bee

Wow, what a weekend. After being barraged Friday evening about blogging, I ended up having a pretty good time with the various things that were happening. The night started out with Karu, Rich, and I having dinner at Pietro's, which was mondo delicious. We then scooted over to the Regional Arts Commission for the opening of Screwed In, a collaborative graffiti project featuring seven local artists. The opening was really busy and really crowded. We even bumped into Jerry's ex-girlfriend, Dacia (sp) {awkward!}. Our next stop was on Cherokee for a couple of different openings. First, at the Typo Cafe, we took in a photography exhibit by Rebecca Bodicky then stepped next door to Fort Gondo for the Darkest Dreams A Lighted Way exhibit (made up of art inspired by abuse and maltreatment). The juxtaposition of both shows was very interesting, as Bodicky's photos were very colorful and positive while the Darkest Dreams pieces were dark, brooding, and cathartic. We eventually made our way down to the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center for an evening of short films. I was glad we made it there since it gave me a chance to speak with proprietor Mark Sarich about a possible collaboration on the Idaho Avenue Film Festival. Originally my intent was to hand out flyers for submitting to the IAFF, but since the crowd was primarily composed of KW, Rich, and I, I instead left a stack of flyers for future show goers to snatch. After a few shorts and a little music, we made our way back home, exhausted, but culturally charged.

On Saturday, Kara and I had a late breakfast/early lunch at Urban Eats, a new bistro that opened on the corner of Meramec and Virginia. This eatery is completely independent, but nicely composed and hopefully a firm establishment in our neighborhood for a long time. The food was really good and they concoct a very delicious strawberry-banana smoothie. I also met the owner, John Chen, who had be attempting to respond to an email I had sent to the Alliance to Save Cleveland High, but it continually bounced back to him. Serendipity was on our side, as John was very enthusiastic about partnering to do something in the future. Afterwards, Karibe and I headed to the Soulard Market and bought a few fruits and veggies for the coming week. Kara's parents came down and we finished up the closet for the newly refinished bedroom. I then prepared a batch of cupcakes for a Batman themed party thrown by Matt & Jeanie in preparation for "The Dark Knight." There were many great costumes, delicious food, and good times had by all.

Sunday was a fairly laid back day. I woke up around 8am and set down to watch "Black Book" and had a little breakfast. The film was okay, but nothing phenomenal. There seems to have been a rash of Nazi-fueled WW2 era films lately (this one, Downfall, and 2009's Valkyrie) and none really exposes more than the last. The plots seem to be more about the human stories involved in the notable, infamous, or forgotten moments in time. After watching the movie we headed out to Webster Groves to meet with Jason of "Jason and the Beast." Jason is getting ready to release a new EP and I will be producing a music video to coincide with the release. Kara and I then headed out west to spend some time with her family. Beforehand we stopped at the mall to return the Pumas I purchased three weeks ago because the heel was beginning to separate from the shoe. Unfortunately, Journeys was unable to order a new pair in the same color so I will have to visit another location to exchange my kicks. I also bought a shirt from Old Navy because I wasn't in the mood to just wear a t-shirt. I promptly ripped the pocket while trying to unsnap a button. Thanks, Bangladesh.

Stay tuned for forthcoming reveiews of Tropic Thunder, Brideshead Revisited, and The Dark Knight.

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