Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello, old friend...

I must sincerely apologize for having been away for so long. I've missed you terribly, terribly so. You may ask yourself, "Steve, why hasn't Brian been blogging like a mad mother for the past two weeks? Is he just not busy living life and enjoy the immense adoration his legion of fans have for him through his blog? Is his life now so boring that he can't even bring himself to write about it? Will he leave me wondering what he is doing since he no longer talks to people face to face? Why must I suffer such a great injustice and be left out in the cold?!?"

Steve, calm down, man. I'm still here. I have in fact been incredibly busy. Last week was the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase which meant long days at the office and the Tivoli Theatre. Last weekend Kara and I took a quick trip to Chicago to help celebrate her cousin's 21st birthday. We had a marvelous time exploring the city in a fashion we have never really experienced before. On Monday, Kara and I had dinner with the Callahan's. Afterward, David and I worked on various projects (Rhineland, Keening, Whistling Ninja, Ghost Town slideshow) - it was a productive night. Last night I helped out at a screening of "American Teen," which was rather uneventful since the crowd was rather small. I opted to skip the screening of "Coming Up Shorts" in favor of spending time with my KW and then I wrapped up the trivia slide show I compiled for the advance screening of "Ghost Town" tonight. Tonight, Karu and I are going to see "The Dark Knight" with the Callahan's. This will be the fourth time I will have seen the film.

On Saturday, August 2nd, Kara and I have plans to attend a housewarming party at Mike McCubbins' new place in Tower Grove Park. I stopped by the new pad for a short bit yesterday before Mike and I went out to lunch. From first glances, it looks like a nice, TG-style, old craftsmenship house. The party should be fun and a much better chance to explore.

On Sunday, August 3rd, I will start playing competitive roller hockey again for the first time in over five years. The league will be at All-American Sports Complex and I will play for Team Cobra. Check out that logo!

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