Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's Going On?

I haven't blogged in two days which is something of an anomaly lately. I've been fairly busy this past week as we are preparing for our mid-summer event at work. Aside from a heavy workload, I've still been able to take in a few movies, which I'll get to later. I was able to squeeze in a lunch with Thomas Crone yesterday. It was fun catching up with such a character, the world needs more Thomas Crone. Last night I saw "The Dark Knight" for a second time and was captivated by it even further. I plan on attending a midnight screening at the recently renovated Hi-Pointe Theatre this evening. I recently went to see "Brideshead Revisited" and "Tropic Thunder" and sincerely promise to review those films a little more formally soon. Same goes for "The Dark Knight," I just currently do not have the motivation to blog, copy links, and find images. Fear not, for I shall return to you shortly.


Rich said...

Why is life bloging you down?

Jeff said...

I need some royal decrees, dammit!

It's been 2 weeks. Your subjects don't know what to do with themselves.