Friday, July 11, 2008

Comic Geek

As dorky as it may be, I am going to attempt to list the comics and comic related goodies I buy each week from the comic shop right here on my little old blog. I also want to be better about reviewing or commenting on trade paperbacks and graphic novels that I read.

For the past 3 or so years I have been purchasing new weekly comics from Star Clipper. I occassionally hit other shops in the area if I feel like hunting for back issues or I missed a recent issue at SC, the issue is subsequently sold at SC, and smaller shops in the area usually have a copy or two of a hot issue still in stock.

This past week I picked up the following books:
Action Comics #867
Booster Gold #1,000,000
Trinity #6
Amazing Spider-Man #565
Secret Invasion #4
Ultimate Origins #2
and the new Batman as a Green Lantern figure

I've read a couple of the trades I acquired in Chicago at the latest Wizard World Comic Book Convention. "Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan" was a really neat story that harkened back to the big, scary monster days of both Marvel properties. The late Seth Fisher provided the art for the series, and I couldn't think of anybody better to do so. It was a fun story to read because of the artwork, but also because of the fact that it isn't part of continuity so there's no need to worry about the impact it may have or any story threads that you may have missed leading into it.

I also read the limited series "New Avengers: Illuminati." This story builds on, explores, and ties together the different groups in the Marvel Universe. This is done by taking a few of the more powerful or important characters (Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Namor, and Prof. X) and having them meet periodically to discuss trouble spots around the world and through the universe. The art was drawn by Jimmy Cheung and was lovely. I've really enjoyed his art, though I've really only read Avengers stories he has drawn. The series ties into major stories throughout the history of the Marvel Universe, so the exact opposite of the Big in Japan story. It's really neat to see all the heavy hitters of the MU working together, discussing volatile situations, and bickering. It does a great job of setting stuff up for Secret Invasion as well.

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