Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday!

Let's rejoice for it is the end of the working week which brings the fruits of the weekend! Sorry to all those suckers out there who have to work (but wait, so do I for volunteer registration will not operate by itself!). Will this weekend match the pace from the last? Kara and I hit two art openings on Friday - first at Star Clipper then for our good pal Mister Ben. On Saturday we took in the Benton Park Chalk Art Fair and then headed to KDub's neice's birthday party. Sunday was inline hockey action followed by a casual evening at home. That evening, however, should have been interrupted by grocery shopping and my stomach is still feeling the painful effects of our laziness. Alas, it is Friday and that means good tidings. Since it is Friday, here is a picture of the great Tom Selleck.
He has a 'stache you just wanna cuddle up in!

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I'm Like a Shark with Knees said...

It's like a woolly mammoth seductively plying its charms to the other woolly mammoths nearby.