Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thanks, old school Luby!


I'm Like a Shark with Knees said...

cibo matto is not technically j-pop my friend. They started out in New York in the early nineties. Fun fact: lead singer Miho Hatori is also Noodle from Gorillaz!

Lord Spathington said...

This I know, though both Miho and Yuka were both born in Japan. "J-Pop!" sounded better than Amero-Jap Pop! or Female Duet of Japanese Descent Playing American Influenced Pop! Really, though, you're the only one who would know that because of your freakish Japanese obsessed complex!

I'm Like a Shark with Knees said...

I didn't know that because of my obsession with Japanese pop culture. I knew it from my obsession with music. Which is all over the friggin' place. Like my spooge in your bedroom.