Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You've got issues.

Through various internet bouncing, I saw a reference to Bobby McFerrin, which reminded me of a "Don't worry, be happy" shirt I had when I was 6 or 7. This lead me to think about another shirt I had when I was 18. I grifted it from my dad, who was no longer able to fit into it (it was his when he was 18) and it had been left to sit in a dresser in a semi-used bedroom. This shirt was orange and awesome and fit so beautifully. It also happened to be adorned with a NY Mets logo (or maybe it just said New York Mets). Damn, that shirt was sweet. This shirt later landed in the hands of girl I semi-dated in high school. After the nuclear fallout, she asked if I wanted it back(in addition to a too awesome to describe vintage Adidas jacket). I said no. What the Hell was I thinking? The combo of the shirt and jacket together was mind boggling and either alone was enough to make me the hippest dressed dude in 1978. I don't have many regrets, or maybe I have regrets all the time, or maybe I don't care enough to realize I should regret something, but to this day I hate the fact that I didn't just take those two articles of clothing back. If I had it to do all over again, I most certainly would. I don't care about the results of a failed high school relationship, but I am constantly haunted by the ghosts of those clothes.


Jeff said...

I feel you man. I lost my Ben Folds CD collection to a break up. It sucks when you have to buy something twice.

I'm Like a Shark with Knees said...

I know how you feel brutha. When my ex and I broke up, I threw the tape she made of her diddling herself with a plastic carrot, I stole from my art class, at her when she left and she took it and trashed it. STUPID! STUPID!