Saturday, February 2, 2008

From all angles!

So, it's been a bit since I have posted (again), but there's been quite a bit going on. First, congrats to Dave and Tracie on the birth of lil Oliver. He has hair, so that's a plus. Good luck to the little guy, and hopefully he enjoys wearing a fake beard and having a camera in his face for the rest of his life.

It snowed on Thursday and it was very beautiful. What was more beautiful was getting out of work on Friday because of it. Kara and I then went to Star Clipper, West County Mall (new iMac for K-Dub!), and then to St. John's to visit the newborn Ollie. Friday evening was spent with Jeff Elden (of the featured friends to the right of this blog!) and Shaun Snow. Pizza, jokes, and a great conversation filled up Friday night. Those guys are a couple of class acts.

Saturday, Kara and I went to my mom's to celebrate birthdays. Shannon Kay and Kara were both born in January and so we honored them in February. Way to go, girls! We had lasagna and chocolate cake, watched the Blues game, and then rolled back home around 11pm.

Things are moving forward with Meatloaf's first short film, whether certain detractors like it or not. Dave and I are taking the first steps towards being filmmakers, so who knows how it will go. Wish us luck.

William and I got together for breakfast Sunday morning and it was very productive. We're going to shoot a few promos for KDHX, develop the old demo reel a bit, and discuss some options for short films. Again, we'll see how it goes, so fingers crossed.

No films to report on lately. I have quite the backlog of festival flicks still, plus a few I have borrowed from Dave (among others). My library films have run over since I was not able to log on and renew them. I will have my revenge. My most recent netflix film arrived, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, and seems promising; hopefully I'll be posting on it soon.

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