Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dah Dah Dah

There hasn't been too much happening the past few days. The Oscars came and went and took my birthday right along with it. I went by Star Clipper yesterday, and I'm pretty excited about last week's crop of books. A couple of Hulk's (or a Hulk and a Herc), a couple of Ultimates, and an Invincible await my craving eyes.

Kara and I watched "Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst," and it was pretty good. A standard doc utilizing talking heads and archival footage, the story is compelling enough to keep the viewer intrigued. Unless, of course, the viewer is really tired.

I picked up "Justice League: The New Frontier," from Best Buy yesterday. I purchased the two-disc edition which included a mini Green Lantern figurine. He stands atop my monitor, protecting this little corner of Sector 2814.

David and I met last night to discuss revisions and other pre-production matters for our upcoming short film. Tonight we have the last table read before shooting starts on Saturday. It should be an exciting and nerve wracking time. We made several revisions to the script and began discussing different techniques we will employ both during the shoot and during the editing phase.

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