Friday, February 15, 2008

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

What a wild, wild week. Three movies this week, not sure of the last time that happened, nothing close since I went to "x2" and the "Matrix Reloaded" back to back. Yesterday I went to see "Vantage Point." Oh, boy. While some of the action sequences were decent and the editing in parts was crisp, this film just seems a tired rendition of flicks like "In the Line of Fire," "Sentinel," and "The Bodyguard." Actually, more like an amalgamation of all three. It has a litany of big name Hollywood types, but overall I laughed more than I should have though the film will probably be moderately successful because of the star power and the gimmick of finding out what Dennis Quaid saw.

I finished up my entry for the Gimme Truth! contest presented by the True/False Film Festival. Hopefully it makes the cut, I'll find out sometime next week. I also "executive produced" a piece by Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins. It's an animated story narrated by Jeanie Meyer. It's really funny and nicely animated, an excellent addition to the next Idaho Avenue Film Festival.

This morning after I visited the post office, I ran into a place called the Gelateria. Their hook is gelato, an Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar. I ordered a hot chocolate since I was frozen from waiting for the post office to open. It was quite the tasty serving. All that's left now is passing the K-Dub hot chocolate taste test. She's still in search of a new fave, especially one located in St. Louis.

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