Monday, March 3, 2008

This Winter is Great!

Alright, so I'm slacking off again. It's cold, icy, and snowy outside, maybe once more I'll be famous. This is the first winter in a long time that I remember it being so wet. I like it. I love watching it snow. It reminds me of being in the seventh or eighth grade and going to Clayton Martin's house. I was only going to stay one night but it turned into two or three because there was so much snow. At one point we stood outside and turned our faces upward as it snowed. It was heavy and thick, almost like flying through space.

There has been a lot to happen in the five or so days since I posted last. First off, congrats to Jeff and Kristen and their Leap Day Marriage. That will be an exciting and confusing time, I'm sure. A special thanks to my dearest friend, David. He took me out for lunch to Blueberry Hill for my birthday. It was a grand old time: we shared cheesecake and a chocolate bundt cake. He's dreamy. This is old news, but always exciting: Ralph Nader has entered the presidential race. Though I have not done so in the past, I think this year I may vote for him, if only because I have read "Unsafe At Any Speed" since the last election. But that opens up the debate of throwing votes away. We'll see what happens. Kara and I went to "The Bank Job" last Thursday. Based on a true story, it's a pretty conventional heist tale but with the twist of the British government being involved. It's a pretty standard Jason Statham vehicle. I'd say pass. I also finished Justice League: The New Frontier. Not exactly Darwyn Cooke's original vision, but still pretty good compared to some of the other straight to video comic book movies. It's worth the watch.
Finally, congrats to Mike & Matt on winning the Gimme Truth contest this past weekend in Columbia, MO. Matt didn't do a good job of fooling the judges apparently, but they still took home the top prize. Watch it below...

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gerald said...

first of brian, there is no such thing as throwing your vote away. vote your conscience.

second, VOTE NADER! i won't proselytize on your blog, but know that you won't be alone if that's how you cast your vote.