Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

Some sweet, sweet activity has been taking place since I last blogged.  I went to see "21" on Friday.  It was okay, standard fare for a poker/gambling flick.  I think there are a few movies coming out soon that center around Las Vegas, but it seems the Vegas buzz is starting to wear off.  "21" features Kevin Spacey.  This guy is weird.  He was huge after "Seven" and "American Beauty," but started cranking out duds like this film, "Superman Returns," and "Fred Claus."  Just about always fun to watch, though, and his good far out weighs the bad.

On Thursday, Kara and I went to ciné16 at the Missouri History Museum.  This was our first experience with ciné16 since the Mad Art days, nearly three years ago.  It's nice to see it back on the map, and hopefully it keeps going strong.  Kara and I were near regulars at Mad Art, but the program changed hands, changed locations, and lost most of its loyal following.  The nights theme was films from around the world.

Before grocery shopping tonight, Kara and I stopped by The Record Exchange for a little indulgence in guilty pleasures.  I've been wanting to purchase audio cassette tapes for my car.  It is a 1989 Buick Park Avenue.  It doesn't have a CD player, I don't listen much to commercial radio, and NPR is getting really depressing as our world continues its downward spiral.  The tapes I picked up were Ella Fitzgerald, Al Hirt, the Beatles, and Miles Davis.  I also picked a Talking Heads tape off of eBay last week.  There are a few other jazz tapes I'm interested in picking up, as well as maybe "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, but that will be the extent of this nostalgic trip, as cassettes are somewhat costly for their dated appeal.

Things have been really picking up at work as submissions continue to pour in to the office.  It's a lot of fun opening the envelopes up and looking at the packaging people send their films in.  Sometimes it can be really eye catching, other times it's the equivalent of a student's work in his junior year video class.  I'll be bringing some shorts home to start in insurmountable, Mark Bielikesque (~Herculean) task of putting together the short subjects program for the St. Louis International Film Festival.  Wish me luck!

Psst...He's the king!

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