Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Theatre (Live Theatre, too!)

I rented a nice little crop of films last week, including "Southland Tales" and "Vacancy." Southland was much anticipated, much delayed, and only somewhat liked. It's a film that requires multiple viewings, but I'm not sure I can wade through the litany of B-List celebrities again. Vacancy was mildly surprising. Aside from the traditional Hollywood ending (how does Luke Wilson survive, seriously?), there were several tense moments and a rather creepy performance from Frank Whaley. Good to see Whaley still out there and acting. Over the weekend I also watched "Harsh Times" and "The Hoax." "Harsh Times" is a film about the ramifications of war and the return home. Christian Bale plays the lead and turns in another fine performance. It's strange to me the amount of Iraq war based films that have been coming out. Most of the films don't fare that well and that's mostly because we are currently living in that situation. We live out the war every day and watching a film about it isn't always our first choice for movie-going. "The Hoax" was better than I expected, but I'd recommend "F is for Fake," which partially covers the Clifford Irving story. 'F' is a documentary by Orson Welles about the art of deception through film, art, music, and any other medium you can lay hands on. A great film and a great soundtrack.

On Friday, Kara and I went to see "Assassins" performed by New Line Theatre in the beautiful Ivory Theatre. The Ivory is an old church that has been renovated and transformed into a great space for live theatre. Kara and I were both pretty excited for the performance, but I found myself pretty bored during parts of the performance. The acoustics were great and some of the characters were really engaging, but the musical numbers didn't really wow me and Kara didn't laugh as much as she wanted to. Regardless, there are a few shows on the slate for the Ivory that pose to be really interesting, namely the rock musical version of High Fidelity.

I went to see "Meet Bill" on Monday. This movie was horrible. Don't see it.

I met with Sharlene Kindt on Monday evening to discuss the upcoming screenings of the Idaho Avenue Film Festival. There will be a best of screening at the Feasting Fox in South City. This screening is done in conjunction with FrontYard Features. It will be held on May 31 at 8pm. Then in September, there will be another screening at my house, the original IAFF site.

I have a few exciting film and film related projects coming up in the next couple of months. I recently went out to Lindenwood to judge a few pieces for the upcoming Lindy awards. I will be speaking at Rohan Woods on Thursday, the make up date from the snowed out event a few months ago. This is for their Fine Arts Day and I have the honor of talking about filmmaking and my duties at work. Later this month I will venture over to Webster University to speak to a couple of Thomas Crone's classes about short film scriptwriting/production. This summer I will be helping with a film camp for kids from Reed Elementary from Ladue. They will attempt to recreate the Pirates of the Caribbean into a 5 to 7 minute short film. That should be interesting.

I want to give a special thanks to Dave Callahan and his most generous gift. It is truly a thing of beauty. I look forward to using it and creating new, exciting, and wonderful projects with it. This is a huge step for Meatloaf Productions on our journey to production greatness and soaring to new heights.

I also want to send a hello to Jason Braun. Jason is covering St. Louis with his delicious sounds through his experimental hip-hop under the guise of Jason and the Beast. He will be performing at the Bluebird on April 25th. Check him out if you can.

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