Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm writing an email to a kid interested in interning at Cinema St. Louis. It really zaps me back to the times when I would interview for different positions. That really creates a feeling of loneliness or the world against you mentality. There you are, in the hot seat, bombarded with questions about things you normally don't think about or at least don't express out loud. For some reason, emailing this kid reminded me of the time I went to Philadelphia to spend a few days with my good pal, Gerald. I flew in alone and waited for a train to take me out to where he was staying with his sister. For whatever reason, those moments alone on the train platform were like drowning in a state of in between. No one to talk to, no where to go, nothing to do but wait. I had a phone in my pocket and a bag on my back and I just sat there. Wanderlust or something similar. I had a great time in Philly once I hooked up with Gerald, but for the few minutes on that platform, I didn't really exist to anyone but myself.

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gerald said...

HEY! i've stood on that platform before!

what a fun trip. it was comforting to see that philly comic geeks were just as special as chicago comic geeks. remember when i threw up on that bush next to the library? oh the pain. cheese steaks should be outlawed.

some year we should get our own booth so we can spend the whole con offering paper rock scissor tournaments and giving creepy bald guys directions to the suicide girls booth. ugh... on second thought, let's scrap that idea. yowza!