Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Hits

I was incorrect about the screening for "Paranoid Park." It's actually next Monday. "Youth Without Youth" is out now and I'm kinda interested in seeing it. Hopefully it's less visceral than the last Tim Roth film I saw.

I think I'm going to start titling some posts "Home Theatre" if I watch a film at home, instead of under the heading "Let's All Go to the Lobby." This may confuse some folks to go to my foyer. I wouldn't want that.

Also, special thanks to Jeff Elden for gifting me a copy of his wedding day mix CD. Kara and I have spun it once, and it's delicious in its ska, indie rock, and quirky juxtaposition. He also gave me a copy of "Vicious Robot Tuesday." Jeff will have copies available at the next comic show, where we will be set up together.

I'm kinda bored at work. And hungry. Time for a hot pocket. Speaking of work, I hope the work day is going well for Dan Nichols. He recently visited my office and expressed his disdain for his employment and possibly some resentment for my own. I want him to know he is in my thoughts and I hope he gets out of that dungeon soon.

Old Gregg. Youtube it. NOW!

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