Friday, April 18, 2008

If this house is a rockin'

An earthquake rumbled it's way through town early this morning, much to Voltron's dismay. K-Dub thought it to be some animal or drugged-up crazy hiding out on our roof, ready to pounce when she left for work. Luckily it was just an earthquake that shook our home and our fair city. An aftershock rumbled through about six hours later which is pretty scary when you work in a basement.

I started watching shorts last night with David. We also watched some playoff hockey and played with lil Ollie. We worked on Coming Up Shorts and discussed a project we had shot last September. Seems to rolling along smoothly for Meatloaf Productions. Earlier I had helped Gus finish up his short film "My First Kiss Happened in a Dream." It is part autobiography, part short film, and part experimental video. Gus plans to enter the piece into the St. Louis Filmmaker's Showcase and I think he stands a good chance.

I am going to see "My Blueberry Nights" today. Directed by Wong Kar Wai, this is his first film in English. I've really enjoyed several of his previous pieces, but I'm not too big on Jude Law. It'll be interesting to see how well Wong Kar Wai translates to American cinema.

Hulk Smash!

(not really the cause of the quake)

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