Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

Tuesday I went to a screening of "Deception" starring Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman. McGregor plays a geeky accountant type who gets mixed up in a crazy sex world thanks to Jackman. Michelle Williams as a love interest, some blackmail, and a couple murders later, the movie was over. Couple Jackman's production company with a first time director and you don't get much. The production was nice and the actors performed to the best of what the script could give them, but in the end that wasn't much. I'd say pass.

Kara and I went to see Murder by Death at Off Broadway last night. I've lost count of how many times we have seen them perform, but each time is enjoyable - especially when they delve into their older catalog. Kara noticed that they did not have the same drummer and after some research I discovered he left the band in February of this year. I also failed to realize that they had been without their keyboardist since 2004. Their latest album is a bit passive compared to their previous offerings, but it does have a few decent songs.

From the crop of cassette tapes I recently purchased from the Record Exchange, I've been crushing pretty hard on Miles Davis' "Blues for Pablo." I don't know what it is exactly about the tune but I'm gonna wear the tape out going back to it. The track comes off of "Miles Ahead" which was recorded and released in 1957. This was Davis' first collaboration with Gil Evans.

The second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs start tonight and I couldn't be more excited. There are a lot of great match ups (namely Detroit v Colorado and Pittsburgh v New York). Versus will continue to have great coverage of the playoffs each night, making the evenings enjoyable (if not made more difficult to leave the house).

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