Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

Friday I took in a screening of "My Blueberry Nights." I thought the film was really good, especially considering I didn't have very high expectations for it. Stylistically it was very similar to Wong Kar Wai's earlier film Chung King Express, especially transitions, ambiance, and Mise en scène. I wasn't overly thrilled with Norah Jones performance or repeated use of her music and I'm not much of a Jude Law fan, but Rachel Weisz was jugular and Natalie Portman was delightful.

The weekend consisted mainly of the continuing renovation of the master bedroom. We had to finish at least one portion of the room in preparation for the new closet Kara and I are having done and there is still some mudding, sanding, and painting to be done to make sure everything is ready for installation this Friday.

At the same time, we are having a new central air unit installed throughout the house. This should happen pretty quickly and will be really nice to have finished before the summer hits. No more unbearable July nights melting in various parts of our house.

Kara and I capped off the weekend by attending the Rogue Wave concert at the Gargoyle on Wash U's campus. Their music is very mellow and laid back. Coupled with the fact that we had been laboring all weekend, the music sent us into full on drowsy mode and we departed about 40 mins through the set. We've been out like lights the past couple of nights. Hopefully things are wrapped up soon and we can move back into our bedroom. That will also be a good sign that things are slowing down in other areas as well.

Today I'm going to a screening of "Deception," starring Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, and Michelle Williams. Nothing, however, can contain my excitement at the prospect of screenings for "Iron Man" and "Speed Racer."

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What a fabulous blueberry kiss! We loved it too!