Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

On Tuesday, I attended a screening of George Clooney's new film, "Leatherheads."  This was a throwback to the early professional football days in the 1920s.  The film is similar to "The Natural" and some other sports movies from that era that escape me at the moment.  The script was quick witted and pretty funny.  It reminded me a lot of films from the late 40s and 50s, flicks like "His Girl Friday," one quick pun after another.  A fun romp.

This has been a hectic production week as I've met with Dax and Rhonda to discuss and begin work on both of their projects (shaving and antiquing).  It's nice to actually get started on that stuff rather than dreading the project beginning.  The wheels are in motion.

I ordered a new wide-angle lens for the super special gift David gave me.  When it arrives, that shall be a most magical time.

I ate at Atomic Cowboy for the first time the other day.  It was during lunchtime and it was nice and empty.  The food was tasty and save for the one time the waiter filled my Sprite with water, the experience was quite enjoyable.  I blew mud like you wouldn't believe when I got back to the office, though.

Today I spoke at Rohan Woods Elementary.  This was a lot of fun.  I was nervous going in because I really didn't have anything prepared.  I knew a general outline of things I wanted to talk about and I had some short films to play, but I was a bit nervous that I would be stumbling all over myself when the kids came in.  Luckily, things went very smoothly and the kids had a good time.  I talked a little about the fest, a little about myself, showed "Splash" many times as well "Steamboat Willie," "Purple and Brown," and "Shaun the Sheep."  The best part was the kids' reactions when I showed them the special present David gave me.  They were pretty awestruck.

I suppose I may have a few skeletons in my closet, but who doesn't.  Recently, while I was going through a desk drawer filled with short films, I came across "Pretty Little Jellybean," an NFC contest film that I thought I had destroyed all evidence of.  There are several folks out there who want to see this film and now it seems like they may have their chance.  Regrettably.

Tomorrow I am having my wisdom teeth pulled.  All four of them.  I'm a little nervous but mostly ready to have them yanked out of me.  I've got a nice stockpile of movies to keep me company over the next three days.  Several are from Dax and seven are from Family Video.  You'll be reading my snippets of them soon enough, if I survive.  Wish me luck.

I'm looking forward to reading this.
I know, I'm a dork.

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