Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Long, You Prince of Cinema!

Tomorrow evening marks the end of Landmark Theatre's operation of the Hi-Pointe Theatre in the Hi-Pointe neighborhood. This also dwindles the number of open theatres in the St. Louis city limits. As far as I know, all that remains are the Chase and the Moolah. While many theatres still exist out there, they are closed, abandoned, or condemned. I'll miss the Hi-Pointe. I didn't go there frequently enough and I suppose that's why it is closing. The first movie I ever saw there was "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" with my lady love, top that if you can. Another time I was out late chatting the night away after watching "Brick" with Matt and Luby. The scariest time was when Kara's brakes acted funny while we were on our way to see "The Curse of the Golden Flower." So now both a great concert venue and movie theatre are all gone. St. Louis should just die right now, shrivel up, and blow away in the wind.


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