Saturday, June 14, 2008


As some of you know, I recently helped a group of kids from Ladue with a one-week film camp.  The goal was to produce a ten-minute short film inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was a long, grueling week but I think we found great success.  The week featured crying kids, miserable, unbearable heat, and a lot of late nights but it was really a memorable and fun experience.  All of the parents were excited and the kids were dedicated so I hope they are all pleased with how the video turned out, I know I am.


Jeff said...

Awesome! There's were a few moments I loved.

That girl who played the monkey should be given an Oscar, brilliant performance :)

Loved the line, "It makes me bones shiver!"

Was that guy's name Mr.Jabbalabba?

The kids' reaction to a talking monkey was also classic.

Anonymous said...

Love the film camp final project! What a great Jack Sparrow you had. The monkey was my other fav. How much of the script was adults and how much kids??