Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's All Go to the Lobby! (and quickly, people!)

Hello, friends. I write to you today drenched in my own sweat. What a morning it has been. I'll get to that in a little bit. First off, crappy movies. Tuesday I went to see "The Happening," the latest effort from M. Night Shyamalan. While there were many spooky moments (times when I would really jolt out of my seat, always embarrassing), the movie was dopey. Plant life turns against humans and systematically eradicates them in the US Northeast. It's up to Marky Mark and The Pest to run for their lives. Wait. So, the humans can't fight back. Everybody initially thinks a terrorist attack has occurred, but eventually every one realizes that's not the case. Not much happens in the film really. There is running, hysteria, some gruesome deaths, and then it's over. I'd pass.

So, this morning. I go out to start my car and make my way to work and blam-o! It doesn't start. I tried a couple of times, waited around to see if it would change, did some laundry, watched the Sci-Fi Channel's Hulk marathon and then finally decided that this problem was beyond me. I walked up to Ribaudo's Auto Repair (which has quickly become a frequent stop for my car) and Sam drove down to take a look. A quick couple of shakes of various cables and it started right up. I drove it down to his shop and it will hopefully be back up in working order shortly, and hopefully for a long, long time. "How did you get to work, Brian?" Well, I am glad you asked. My cousin, Dax, came over to give me a ride and what a ride it was! Riding his bike today, Dax didn't want to make a detour to pick up his truck to take me to work so we rode together on his bike. That was fun and also answered one of my pressing quesitons: if I get a bike or a scooter, what will my hair be like after wearing a helmet? Answer: not too shabby.

"D'oh, a radio!"

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