Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grizzly Brian

It seems that this blogging thing is harder than I ever realized. That or I've been really busy and have had scant time to blog, but it's not that the things keeping me busy have really been worth blogging about, either. Friday I spent the night at my dad's in O'Fallon so I could ride out with him to Shelby County in the morning. He wanted assistance preparing some equipment for deer season, because my dad hunts and kills deer. Since I'm not too keen on the whole killing a creature of the forest, I have never gone with him though he has requested many times. I figured that since this time he was not out on a hunt, it would be fun to take the trip with him and take in the scenery. I also got to ride a four-wheeler. All in all, the day was fun. I got out in the sun for a few hours and I really enjoyed being back on farm land/connecting with nature.

Later that evening was the screening of the best of the Idaho Avenue Film Festival at the Feasting Fox. Rain changed the event from being outdoors, but the Fox was able to accommodate an indoor screening. A turnout of about 30 people attended, which was less than I was originally hoping but more than I expected as the rain moved in and the start approached. I was nervous about the material that was being screened, but most people really took to it (the ones who hadn't already seen it at least). I was slightly disappointed that more of my friends didn't come out, but I understand that they had things going on, too.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the summer film camp. I was a bit on edge about it, but now that it's here there's really nothing I can do to stop the beast from charging so I'll just roll with it. It will hopefully be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to putting together a fun little movie. Again, I promise that the Colorado blog will be up soon!

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