Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cinema Obscura

My friend Adam loaned me a copy of the film "Riki-Oh," a Japanese gorefest of the highest order.  The above image is just one of the many fantastic scenes included in the film.  The story centers around Riki, who has been sent to prison for murder (revenge).  We discover that Riki possess incredible strength (he punches down walls), but he is also sensitive (he plays the flute).  If you are able, rent this film and congratulate yourself after an evening of laughing and learning the secrets of "Riki-Oh."  In other news, I met with Martin Casas from FrontYard Features.  We are tentatively going to collaborate on a few screenings next summer, specifically the next Idaho Avenue Film Festival.  The details haven't been finalized, so it's not set in stone, but that news alone is very promising for the development of the fest.  Further information as it develops.

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