Monday, December 31, 2007

This one's about music...

Hey, it's the last day of the year!  Wow, this year, especially the last month, flew by in a hurry.  Quite a few changes, a few ups and downs, but overall, a pretty good year.  Went to two big comic cons, landed two new jobs, and was awarded Honorable Mention in a filmmaking contest.  For me, things I enjoy usually go in cycles (movies, music, comics, etc), and the year was pretty big on movies especially.  Sadly, though, the music world lost a true giant when Oscar Peterson passed away on December 23rd.  Dennis Owsley paid tribute to the piano master on his program "Jazz Unlimited" on December 30th.  Owsley continuously puts on a great program every week.  With the cancellation of Don Wolff's show on KMOX, Jazz Unlimited is one of the ever dwindling voices on the St. Louis airwaves putting forth that sweet, sweet jazz sound.  Click Mr. Peterson's picture below to stream Jazz Unlimited's last program and enjoy!

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