Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hockey Talk/Let's All Go to the Lobby!

Kara and I went to the Blues game on Thursday. They played the Florida Panthers, which is of significance because Dan Nichols was also in attendance and the Panthers were the only NHL team that he had yet to see in person. What an accomplishment. Congrats to Dan. We sat right in front of Rich and his sister, Wendy. The Blues lost 1-0, but we had a great time, lots of laughing. Shannon and Grahame were also there, but relocated after the first period. Friday I went to "I am Legend." The film was okay, not great, and definitely not "The Omega Man." The best part of the film happened before it began. As a special engagement with IMAX theatres, six minutes of "The Dark Knight" was played. The scene depicts a bank robbery organized by the Joker. The sequence gives a great close-up, in-action look at Heath Ledger. Definitely creates a lot more excitement for the film, not that there wasn't a lot already. Just a great way to stoke the fires. Tonight is our Christmas party. Not sure what the crowd will be like, snow is predicted throughout the day, and after getting about 2-3 inches last night, that doesn't bode well. Dave and Tracie are out of town, so that's a bummer, Luby is gone as well. Rich will be honoring his father's birthday with a proclamation from the city of St. Louis. Today is Richard Leonard Lamberty Day. A good time shall still be had by a small group of friends, lots of snacks, good, jazzy Christmas tunes, and the holiday spirit tip-toeing about the room. The Callahans and Kara and I will have ourselves a nice little post-Christmas treat with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Click the pic for more info!

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gerald said...

hockey talk: went to the flames game tonight. be glad you couldn't make it B. brewer and backman once again treated delighted fans with their poor decision making. on the plus side, new blue andy mcdonald dished a goal and a helper in his st. louis debut. huzzah!

party talk: thanks for hosting last night. despite the limited turnout, it was still a good time. sorry i burnt the chex mix.