Monday, December 10, 2007

Hear ye, hear ye!

So this will be my new web log space.  I wish to use it to discuss events I take part in, witness, or discover.  I would like to maintain this blog with several features: Let's All Go to the Lobby (movies I've recently watched, either at the theatre or at home), Cinema Obscura (crazy, weird, or rare films), Hockey Night (all about hockey talk), The Comic Geek (gushing about my first true love, comic books and all things related),  We're Having Meatloaf! (discussing video projects of the group Meatloaf Productions), and Absurd, sir, absurd! (miscellaneous articles don't fit into those categories or are just plain weird).  There you have it.  If I had started publishing this online diary a few weeks ago as I had intended, you could be reading about "There Will Be Blood," "Walk Hard," or "Sweeney Todd."  Or maybe about the completion of a DVD compilation of short films from a film festival I organized in September.  That will not be happening, however, because I am lazy.  It may be my laziness, but you are the one suffering for it.  That is a true injustice against society.  So please stay tuned for updates as often as I am able to type into this blog.

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