Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let's All Go to the Lobby!

So the year is winding down and that means all sorts of year end, best of, and other dumb lists will be coming out on VH1, E!, and many other demeaning and degrading cable stations.  Here is yet another list, my rundown of the best films of the year for 2007.  Enjoy!

8. "Juno"
10. "300"

Other notable films that didn't make the cut:
"The Namesake," "Hot Fuzz," "30 Days of Night," "Shoot Em Up," "Grindhouse," "TMNT," "Transformers," and "Lust, Caution,"  "I Am Legend," and "Spider-Man 3."  Most of this list is available on video already, so check them out today!

Also, here are some other flicks that I have recently watched at home: "The King," "Cactus Flower," "I'm Reed Fish," "Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party," "Stranger than Fiction," and "The Last King of Scotland."

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